About Us

Welcome to Canyon View Car Wash, where we provide exceptional car wash and pet wash services. Our locally owned and operated locations are staffed by a team of outstanding employees who are committed to delivering high-quality service to our customers.

We take great pride in being an active member of our community and are dedicated to giving back to ensure that it remains a place we can all be proud of. As part of our commitment to being eco-conscious, we use environmentally safe soaps and waxes while generating electricity and hot water through the use of 70 solar and thermal panels.

At our Grand Junction location at 2258 Broadway, we have dual In-Bay state of the art Petit Touchless automatic machines and Self-Service Bays to cater to your specific car washing needs. We also have a Dog Wash for your furry friends, with non-slip tub mats, a grooming dryer, and safety restraints.

Our state-of-the-art facility is the best in the valley and can handle cleaning your vehicle, your dog, RV’s and even all your toys. We take pride in providing our customers with a top-notch car wash experience and ensuring that their pets are clean and happy.

What our customers are saying

Great location and the unlimited membership is a great deal. I had to drive through Iowa and Nebraska and ended up with flecks of tar all over my car, so I was there multiple times just trying to get it all off. The cleaning station with spray bottles of cleaner and microfiber cloths is a nice touch.

Christopher Luoto

Great place to wash your dogs. It’s clean, secure, high-powered blow dryer, and good water pressure.

The dogs enjoy it. Very efficient do it yourself doggy wash.

Rhonda Silver

Love the 24hr dog wash, i drive a truck so it’s hard to get in to one that’s only open during the day!!! The vacuums work amazing, so amazing it sucked up my $50 flashlight! Lol! I didn’t use one, but the diy car wash bays are big enough to get a semi in (no trailer)!!! Great place!!!

Rebecca Hutchison

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